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48G Re-creation Project (fantasy)
10-24-2019, 10:02 PM
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RE: 48G Re-creation Project (fantasy)
(10-24-2019 09:59 PM)sunhp Wrote:  My dream is about a modern version of HP48G with :
- OLED display
- FPGA CPU to hardware simulate SATURN
- Much more memory space
- 3D printed case, with LiPo batteries etc.

Just like those guys did with Pocket at Analogue :

Can't be more happier about this project even if it's still a brainstorming.. Keep up the great ideas!

OLED sounds interesting but will use up more battery power. I want to keep it with AA or AAA batteries. But is an option too. The programming will have to accommodate higher resolution and multi-colors (imagine plotting) to justify the OLED.

Backlit e-ink and keypad is also another idea I had, but that probably goes to the NICE TO HAVE list. It would be cool for the keypad to physically light up for different functions when the shift keys are pressed (like some of the emulated smartphone apps).
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