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Calculate manually with RPN calculator
10-30-2019, 11:38 AM
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RE: Calculate manually with RPN calculator
An excerpt from REVIEWS AND DESCRIPTIONS OF TABLES AND BOOKS, 23 [12.00] - HP ADVANCED PRODUCTS DIVISION, HP-45 Applications Book, pg. 380

"For two reasons this book will have a cursory interest to readers outside its intended audience of users of HP-series calculators.
First, keystroke sequences and examples are listed alphabetically for more than two-hundred purposes, including applications from algebra, geometry, statistics and numerical methods, among other areas. With a minimal understanding of the Polish logic of HP-series calculators, most of these sequences can easily be converted to use on other scientific calculators.
Secondly and primarily, these sequences are of interest more for their nature than for their specific solution. For they illustrate particularly graphically the recent innovations and inherent limitations of nonprogrammable calculators. To illustrate the advances in calculator capacities, they include directions for such calculations as Bessel and Gamma functions, multiple linear regression,and Gauss-Legendre quadrature, and readily suggest other potential extensions of hand-calculator usage.
At the same time, even in their most efficient form the most interesting of these routines require so many keystrokes as to be impractical in real use and to discourage efforts to create counterparts for unlisted topics. The longest sequence in the book, for three-variable linear regression, requires 155 + 32n keystrokes to process n 3-tuples of data, a number so large as practically to insure key misstroking.

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