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Newbie questions: wifi and geometry constraints
11-24-2019, 06:24 PM
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Newbie questions: wifi and geometry constraints
Hi all,
few days ago, I have bought the Pro Android version of HP Prime and now I would like to buy the real calcutator.

I have two questions, one related to the wifi connection of HP Prime and another question related to the geometry program.

It is quite easy to move application using the Communication PC software and the tablet emulator app, and I would like to have the same interaction with the physical calculator but, reading the other threads, it seems that the wifi dongle is too expensive and cannot be found as standalone.
Have someone tried to connect an alternative dongle with success to HP Prime instead of using the original one?

To solve a problem for my daughter, I have drawn a triangle and it is quite easy to move points and create animations.
Is it possible to specify constraints that lock measures (i.e. area, angle)? I have made those constraints in another app, but I was not able to specify in HP Prime.

For example, I would like to specify that an angle must be always 60┬░ and anything in the picture should continue to move except the angle between the two segments I have specified.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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