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Need a couple of hints: HP-71B & PILBox
11-29-2019, 08:29 PM
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Need a couple of hints: HP-71B & PILBox
Hello again, folks,

My HPIL module for my HP-71B arrived today. I installed it and VER$ says it's version 1A.

I've attached my PILBox, and I have it talking with my MacBook Pro using pyILPer. I dug out my old DAT files. The main one I have contains PILTERM.BAS and KEYBOARD.LEX. I copied both into my HP-71B, and when I RUN PILTERM on the HP-71B, the Terminal1 screen in pyILPer clears and indicates "Assigning: display.. printer.. keyboard.. done"

After that, if I do LIST PILTERM on the HP-71B, I get a nice listing out on the Terminal1 screen in pyILPer, and I get the HP-71B prompt after I type ATTN on the HP-71B.

However, when I'm in pyILPer, if I type on my Mac keyboard, nothing shows up - I finally figured out that if I type a command line (blind) on my Mac, and then hit ENDLINE on the HP-71B, then the command shows up, character by character, and (if I didn't make any typing mistakes) gets executed.

This doesn't seem correct. I was hoping that I could simply use my pyILPer display and Mac keyboard for operation after getting everything all set up.

What am I missing here? Can anyone offer me a couple of hints to get fully up and running?


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