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65: Slight squeaks from the card reader
01-09-2020, 07:54 PM
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RE: 65: Slight squeaks from the card reader
(01-09-2020 03:52 PM)Harald Wrote:  On the card readers I looked at the most common cause of noise was friction of the worm gear shaft where it rotates in the plastic part oposite the motor. A tiny bit of lubricant on that point and the noise is gone.

I think that may have been it! I picked up some Labelle 108 light synthetic oil (advertised as "plastic compatible") at the hobby shop, worked a very tiny drop into both sides of the fixed plastic mount at the right end of the worm gear, and so far it's back to a nice soft hum.

Now, since I have the oil, is there anything else that should be lubricated preventively? The motor itself, the interface between the worm gear and gear on the transport roller, etc.? Or is it better to just leave it all be?
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