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COVID-19 Calculator
03-24-2020, 02:21 PM
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RE: COVID-19 Calculator
(03-24-2020 02:00 PM)Pjwum Wrote:  One challenge is to derive an estimate for the dark figure of infected persons.

One possible method:

(03-24-2020 02:00 PM)Pjwum Wrote:  Either way, it is horrifying.

As I wrote in many forums, there was a SARS epidemic and the big medicine manufacturers do nothing to develop the vaccine. There are lots of papers and books about this, like this book: Coronavirus Replication and Reverse Genetics.
Just read the back cover text: "This book contains information on virus genome structure, mechanism of replication and transcription, and the development of tools that make possible reverse genetic studies to understand virus-host interactions and the molecular basis of virus pathogenesis. The book also provides essential information for the development of classical and recombinant vaccines to control coronavirus infections."

This book published in 2005.

Why these big companies do nothing during the last 15 years? Because the profit was too small. That's it. Maybe during these days, this will be more profitable.


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