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"Font" for HP41CX display?
05-31-2014, 04:46 AM
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"Font" for HP41CX display?
Does anyone have the HP41CX font (or its subset, the 41C/CV font) in some machine-readable form? Preferably, ones and zeros for "lit" segments. For example, A should be 11101100100010 (or some such).

Context: I finally unearthed my stash of B7971 nixie tubes (if you don't know what nixies are, you are missing on life), and got a set of "smartsockets" from So what's left in life except build a 41 display out of 12 nixies (plus assorted neon lights for the dots and the comma).

Next step will be interfacing it to an actual HP41, but that's for another show Smile


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