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IBM Launches New COBOL Training Initiative
04-15-2020, 02:40 PM
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RE: IBM Launches New COBOL Training Initiative
(04-15-2020 06:34 AM)Massimo Gnerucci Wrote:  
(04-15-2020 02:22 AM)rprosperi Wrote:  You only had to spill them once to learn to number them with pencil...

Sure! But being you the sorter wasn't all that fun either. Smile

When I was in college students were relegated to IBM 026 keypunches that had been "upgraded" to EBCDIC. (I'm not sure what code set they used before that. Perhaps Aramaic or something.)

They were reliable as a stone axe, and about as feature rich. I was always jealous of the DP shop's 029's. Besides having exotic symbols like "+" and parentheses right on the keyboard, they were rumored to be able to automatically sequence punch a card deck. I had to settle for diagonal magic marker stripes on the top of the deck as my emergency re-sorting strategy.
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