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[VA] New updates available in my HP site [Latest is Update #39, Sep 22]
05-01-2020, 05:13 PM
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RE: [VA] New updates available in my HP site
Hi, all:    (btw, this happens to be my 500th post in this new forum)

I've just uploaded Update #16 to my HP site, namely the following 25 files (which you can see and/or download for free):
  • Note: I'll appreciate it if very much if you would please refrain from posting anything to this thread, so that it only contains the update announcements and listings themselves and nothing else. If you want to comment something please create another thread or PM me for any questions or comments you want addressed. Thanks.

01-05-2020: Update #16   (24 files + 1 replaced file + 1 new Section):

       HP Challenge VA512 - 2020-04-01 - SRC 007 2020 April 1st Ramblings.pdf
       HP Picture VA293 - HP-29C - JLP1040323.jpg
       HP Picture VA294 - HP-29C - JLP1040322.jpg
       HP Picture VA653 - HP-65 - JLP1040326.jpg
       HP Picture VA703 - HP-70 - JLP1040339.jpg
       HP Thread VA013 - 2003-07-18 - 12c Platinum Perpetuity challenge.pdf
       HP Thread VA015 - 2003-08-25 - Eigenvalues on 42S.pdf
       HP Thread VA016 - 2003-08-31 - HP-11C Solutions Handbook Errata.pdf
       HP Brochure VA003 - It Tells the Time Too.jpg
       HP Brochure VA100 - HP-35.jpg
       HP Brochure VA110 - HP-65.jpg
       Other Brochure VA010 - Revolutionary TI-58 TI-59.jpg
       Other Brochure VA020 - Programmable TI-59.jpg
       Other Brochure VA030 - TI The New Generation.jpg
       Other Brochure VA050 - TI SR-52 SR-60.jpg
       Other Brochure VA100 - Sinclair Cambridge - Executive.jpg
       Other Brochure VA110 - ATAIO FN-85 Financial.jpg
       Misc Picture VA197 - Hatching - VF171030AH.jpg
       Misc Picture VA207 - Bow and Arrow - VF171118AE.jpg
       Misc Picture VA208 - Paramecia - VF171121AY.jpg
       Misc Picture VA213 - Fiery Plow - VF171207AT.jpg
       Misc Picture VA250 - 3D Coronavirus - VF171027AS.jpg
       Chess Book Review VA402 - Encyclopaedia of Chess Endings IV.pdf
       Chess Book Review VA403 - Test Your Endgame Ability.pdf
       HP Picture VA351 - HP-35s - P1570368.jpg    (replaced file)

A new Section ("Other Brochure") has been created as well, where you'll find a set of brochures I've collected over the years featuring calculators and pocket computers from assorted brands (other than HP and SHARP), including Texas Instruments, etc.


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