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[VA] New updates available in my HP site [Latest is Update #39, Sep 22]
05-15-2020, 11:06 PM
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RE: [VA] New updates available in my HP site
Hi, all:

I've just uploaded Update #17 to my HP site, namely the following 21 files (which you can see and/or download for free):
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15-05-2020: Update #17   (21 files + 1 new Section):

       HP Picture VA342 - HP-34C - FP1070508.jpg    in HP Calculator Pictures (scroll down to picture VA342)
       Chess Tests VA001 - Main Page.pdf
       Chess Tests VA002 - Notes on Problem Solving.pdf
       Chess Tests VA003 - Basic Suite Positions 01-05.pdf
       Chess Tests VA004 - Basic Suite Positions 06-10.pdf
       Chess Tests VA005 - Basic Suite Positions 11-15.pdf
       Chess Tests VA006 - Basic Suite Positions 16-20.pdf
       Chess Tests VA007 - Basic Suite Positions 21-25.pdf
       Chess Tests VA008 - Basic Suite Positions 26-30.pdf
       Chess Tests VA009 - Basic Suite Positions 31-35.pdf
       Chess Tests VA010 - Basic Suite Positions 36-40.pdf
       Chess Tests VA011 - Bizarre Positions 71-75.pdf
       Chess Tests VA012 - The Never Concept 81-82.pdf
       Chess Tests VA013 - Unsolved Positions 91-92.pdf
       Chess Tests VA014 - Amazing Problems 01-12.pdf
       Chess Tests VA015 - Amazing Solutions 01-12.pdf
       Chess Tests VA016 - Chessboard Problems 01-04.pdf
       Chess Tests VA017 - Chessboard Solutions 01-04.pdf
       Chess Tests VA018 - MATER A Searching Program.pdf
       Chess Tests VA019 - MATER Source Code.pdf
       Chess Tests VA020 - Acknowledgements.pdf

A new Section "Chess Tests" has been created as well, this is an abridged part of its description:

"With the advent of the Internet and my access to it in 1995, I pondered the idea of creating my own web page dedicated to HP Calcs and another one dedicated to Computer Chess and both materialized ca. 1998 as twin sites which proved quite popular until the free server where they were located was spammed to death and went out of business.

After a 20-year hiatus I resurrected the HP Calcs one and I have now resurrected the Computer Chess site, "Chess Tests" as well, the latter not as web pages again but as a set of near-facsimile PDF documents which preserve most of the contents with the same aspect and formatting the original simple, hand-created HTML web pages had back in 1998.

Chess Tests did at the time attract considerable attention and many chess authors (including true celebrities such as Mr. Robert Hyatt, the creator of the world-class Cray Blitz and Crafty chess programs, and top chess programmers such as Heiner Marxen, author of CHEST) sent their valuable results and many interesting comments."


All My Articles & other Materials here:  Valentin Albillo's HP Collection
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