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[VA] New updates available in my HP site [Latest is Update #39, Sep 22]
06-03-2020, 11:02 PM
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RE: [VA] New updates available in my HP site
Hi, all:

I've just uploaded Update #18 to my HP site, namely the following 20 files (this makes 555 files in all which you can see and/or download for free):
  • Note: I'll appreciate it if very much if you would please refrain from posting anything to this thread, so that it only contains the update announcements and listings themselves and nothing else. If you want to comment something please create another thread or PM me for any questions or comments you want addressed. Thanks.
2020-06-05:   Update #18   (20 files, including a new Article):

       HP Article VA040 - Boldly Going - Mandelbrot Set Area.pdf    in HP Calculator Articles (scroll down to HP Article VA040)
    • 8-page, 4-figure article belonging to my "Boldly Going" series, which includes a 98-step RPN program I wrote in 2019 for the HP-42S and physical/virtual compatibles, addressing and succeeding at the difficult task of computing an accurate estimation of the Mandelbrot Set's area in very reasonable times.

      First of all, the various approaches in the literature are introduced and commented, then state-of-the-art results are presented, and finally the techniques used here are discussed at length, including comprehensive references. Two sample runs are featured as well as a main, "ultimate" run which achieves excellent accuracy in quite a short running time.
       HP Picture VA327 - HP-32SII - FHP32SII1.jpg
       HP Picture VA552 - HP-55 - JLPHP551.jpg
       HP Picture VA656 - HP-65 - JLP1040338.jpg
       HP Picture VA670 - HP-67 - JLPHP673.jpg
       HP Picture VA702 - HP-70 - JLP1040340.jpg

       HP Thread VA018 - 2003-09-24 - Improvement on HP-45.pdf
       HP Thread VA020 - 2003-09-30 - Favorite Calculator.pdf
       HP Thread VA022 - 2003-10-02 - No RPN calcs anymore.pdf
       HP Thread VA024 - 2003-10-05 - Mach number RPN vs Algebraic.pdf
       HP Thread VA025 - 2003-10-06 - RPN vs AOS GOOD examples.pdf
       HP Thread VA026 - 2003-10-15 - HP-71 Math Pac Manual (Spanish).pdf

       SHARP Picture VA450 - SHARP PC-1450.jpg

       SHARP Brochure VA002 - Asimov on TRS-80 Pocket Computer.jpg
       Other Brochure VA045 - TI Technology.jpg

       Misc Picture VA010 - Sample - Fiery Maelstrom - VF171205AX.jpg
       Misc Picture VA018 - Sample - Snow Crystals - VF180215AC.jpg
       Misc Picture VA220 - Highway to Heaven - VF171214AA.jpg
       Misc Picture VA224 - Eating and Eaten - VF171027AM.jpg
       Misc Picture VA256 - Chained Tusks - VF170625DQ.jpg


All My Articles & other Materials here:  Valentin Albillo's HP Collection
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