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Exploring the 71 IDS - John Baker
04-23-2020, 07:52 PM
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RE: Exploring the 71 IDS - John Baker
John was by far the most prolific HP-71B LEX file author, writing nearly as many himself as all the other non-HP LEX files combined. He also got heavily into the FORTH/Assembler ROM itself and released several patches including 1 huge re-write of major sections of the Assembler itself (in FORTH).

I corresponded with John starting in 1984 and continued for several years, but the eventual rise of the home PC lead us in different directions. I tried contacting him not long ago, but of course the contact info from the 80's was no longer valid.

Other articles by John can be found in (all contained in Jake's Collection):

PPC Computer Journal, V3N6, Nov/Dec '84
PPC Calculator Journal, V12N2, Feb '85
Datafile, V5N03, V6N4
Sept '86 CHHU Conference in Washington DC proceedings

Also, there are many of John's programs included in Joe Horn's LIF Disk Project, described here:

including lots of LEX source files.

Another great source, in case you aren't aware (but almost certainly are) is JFG's website sections for the 71B, found here:

What specifically are you looking for?

--Bob Prosperi
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