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Video Series on the HP graphing calculators
05-10-2020, 01:59 PM (This post was last modified: 05-10-2020 02:00 PM by stephenmendes.)
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RE: Video Series on the HP graphing calculators
Hi Guys thanks for the encouragement

Here is the second episode ..... several items mentioned in this video :

Input methods
Command line editing and viewing of larger stack objects
Time and Date setup
CAS versus RPN differences
Plotting / solving for independent variable

are to be addressed in their own respective videos .... and I will need to find some index system so viewers can move from one video to the other in an easy and efficient manner.

I do not think that many people who own the 50G (but never owned previous 48 calculators) have any idea of it's incredible capabilities.

The 50G expands on every previous calculator that went before it...... backward compatibility is maintained with all the commands and flags ...... and additional flags and commands have been added.... along with more memory (and the SD card subsystem).

I blame the LACK OF COMPREHENSION as to the capabilities of this calculator on extremely POOR DOCUMENTATION..... as shipped, there was nothing that came with it that even remotely showed how to leverage it's capabilities.

Texas Instruments calculators ONLY dominate the market because of TI's tremendous attempt to EDUCATE the public about how to use them.

Had a similar attempt been made for HP the superiority of the 50G would have been immediately obvious to every college student ..... and instead of being obsolete, they would be selling by the millions..... SOMEBODY HAS DROPPED THE BALL WITH THIS CALCULATOR

By the time I am finished with my video series (if I ever am) "used" 50G's will be selling $2000 a pop ??
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