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Video Series on the HP graphing calculators
05-17-2020, 01:33 PM
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RE: Video Series on the HP graphing calculators
(05-14-2020 05:36 PM)cdmackay Wrote:  thanks Stephen, keep 'em coming please.

Not a criticism, but for the last one, I would have preferred to see you walk-through it on the calc on-screen, rather than just having it on the white-board.

It not entirely due to my laziness Smile — I have to keep taking my glasses off and on when I switch from calculator to screen/TV (which is a bloody pain, must get some varifocals?) so following along on my own 50g wasn't easy.

I was feeling silly with four 50g, but grsbanks makes me feel better Smile

Would it help if I use light colored writing on a DARK background (instead of the whiteboard) ? ..... I am not sure that punching keys on the Calculator in real time is a better way .... rather than just giving the sequence "on the board" along with a few "calculator shots" ?

If I do all the problem in real time on the calculator..... persons trying to repeat the steps may have to to do a lot of "rewinding" and "rewatching" ..... so by writing the key (softkey) sequence .... they can have one screen paused and key it in ..... just like if they were using calculator manual

suggestions are always welcome.... from any one

Best Wishes.
Stephen Mendes
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