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Video Series on the HP graphing calculators
05-21-2020, 12:17 AM
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RE: Video Series on the HP graphing calculators
(05-18-2020 12:27 AM)Cristi Neagu Wrote:  
(05-17-2020 01:33 PM)stephenmendes Wrote:  Would it help if I use light colored writing on a DARK background (instead of the whiteboard) ?
Oh yes. Much, much easier on the eyes of anyone watching.

(05-17-2020 01:33 PM)stephenmendes Wrote:  I am not sure that punching keys on the Calculator in real time is a better way .... rather than just giving the sequence "on the board" along with a few "calculator shots" ?
Maybe try to use one of the emulators available. The one from HP seems to be the best. Barring that, a walkthrough of the examples by using a real calculator should be good.

Either way, it's a good series. There doesn't seem to be many tutorials on the 50g. I think it's because it was already old by the time YouTube really started to kick off, and it's not yet classic enough for people to show it off.

I used the actual calculator to solve the problem in this episode (it's in HD so switch in the Youtube control bar and use a bigger screen if you want) .....

but I did not see your post in time to switch from my whiteboard to blackboard (for the initial problem specification and preparation) I will make sure and do that from now on .... thanks for your feedback
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