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HP 41C Video interface test. Howto?
07-06-2020, 11:13 AM
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HP 41C Video interface test. Howto?
Hello hpmuseum forum members,

I have a HP 41C and a 82163B video interface.
I used to program a lot on the 41 some 20 years ago but don't remember much about how it works.

I cannot make the Video interface work.
After having been searching the forum and found these threads:
But still, I don't find any simple action that I understand to print something on the screen.

Here is the situation:
HP-IL works as the cassette drive used with the HP-IL works
Print output of the 41 works as the printer works.
TV output is ok: when I plug the power and the tv cable, set the right frequency, a display appears, full of small triangles. (picture)

[Image: E2Qm7pf.jpg]

When I switch all off, plug the 41, switch the 82163B video interface on and the 41 on, I get the triangles but nothing else happens when I make calculations or try, for instance PRA.
HP-IL switch is set to "enable".

Any Idea?
Thank you
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