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HP 41C Video interface test. Howto?
07-08-2020, 10:32 PM
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RE: HP 41C Video interface test. Howto?
(07-06-2020 11:13 AM)tribidouille Wrote:  When I switch all off, plug the 41, switch the 82163B video interface on and the 41 on, I get the triangles but nothing else happens when I make calculations or try, for instance PRA.
HP-IL switch is set to "enable".


If you connect just the 82163B video interface to the HP-41C HP-IL interface (with the switch on the HP-IL interface set to ENABLE), then, after powering up the TV and the 82163B video interface, you should get a blank screen (i.e. no triangles or any other character).

If you then print anything (e.g. PRx, PRA, or PRP "") you should see characters on the screen.

There is no complicated setup, you just plug everything in and you are good to go.

The appearance of the triangles shows that the 82163B video interface can display stuff on the TV, but, unfortunately its the wrong stuff. I suspect that the video RAM in the 82163B video interface has a problem (maybe a stuck bit) or something.

If the HP-41C has no problems sending data to the 82163B video interface (ie. its does not complain or report bus timeouts), then the HP-IL part of the connection is OK, and the problem is in the display part of the 82163B video interface.

If you get bus timeouts, check the cabling.

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