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HP 41C Video interface test. Howto?
07-11-2020, 01:08 PM (This post was last modified: 07-11-2020 01:10 PM by vassilisprevelakis.)
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RE: HP 41C Video interface test. Howto?

The Intel 8048 has an internal ROM, so if this is losing bits, then you need a new CPU.
The RAM is the Intel P2114 part which is a 1024x4 static RAM (4 kilobits).

But let's start from the basics. First check that the power supply is giving correct voltages. E.g. the RAM chips have GND on pin 9 (bottom left) and +5V on pin 18 top right. If you have an oscilloscope you may also want to measure the ripple in case the electrolytic capacitors are feeling their age.

I am not sure what's the other big IC. Its an HP part (on my unit it has ILF4 01 and 82241 written on top), but I guess its the video chip, and since you are getting a picture, its probably OK.

So since you can't do anything about either of the big ICs, assuming the voltages are OK, I'd replace the RAM chips and hope for the best.

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