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HP42 commanf
07-19-2020, 08:25 AM
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RE: HP42 commanf
(07-19-2020 07:14 AM)Davidy Wrote:  The HP42 correctly interprets the command ├ by displaying whatever follows in quotes, i.e.,
107 ├"VOLUME" would show the word VOLUME in the display.

Actually, no. It appends the word "VOLUME" to the alpha register (as opposed to replacing the contents with "VOLUME"). It then needs to be displayed with something like AVIEW.

(07-19-2020 07:14 AM)Davidy Wrote:  How is the command ├ entered in a program? I can't find it anywhere on the keyboard or sub-menus.

Once you've entered ALPHA mode in PRGM mode, press ENTER to switch into APPEND mode.

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