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(TI-59) Wastewater-Treatment Cost-Models
08-02-2020, 01:41 PM
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(TI-59) Wastewater-Treatment Cost-Models
An extract from Wastewater Pretreatment and Complete Treatment Cost Models for Selected Industries, Graduate Dissertation {University of Oklahoma} Doctor of Philosophy, 1979


        The purpose of this research was intended to develop a set of industrial waste pretreatment and complete treatment cost models which correlates treatment costs with waste variables. By applying these cost models, the total cost of treatment of an industrial waste in its own treatment plant and in a municipal wastewater system can thus be compared …

        Based on the information provided by these cost models, this study discusses how these models can guide industries when confronted with common problems - to construct independent treatment plant, to join group treatment from several sites, or to participate in a municipal collection and treatment facilities.
        There is an increasing awareness of cost effectiveness in industrial wastewater treatment. Through an evaluation of cost models developed, a discussion related to the sensitivity of the factors affecting treatment cost, and the cost-effective design of treatment processes is included …

For this study, the programmable calculator was adopted for the following reasons:
  1. The compactness and affordability of programmable calculators enable an individual ownership.
  2. Generally, the programmable calculators are portable which allows an engineer to solve the problems even in the field.
  3. The programs for programmable calculators can be recorded in a small piece of magnetic tape which acts like a "built-in" program. Once the program listing is completed and stored in the tape, this program can be readily used by an engineer with his or her own programmable calculator.
  4. In reference to research on college campuses, the increasing contention for
computer results in mounting inaccessibility to the computer and inconvenience …

Currently, programmable calculators with a range of machines of various capability are produced by the manufacturers. The programs presented in this study are for the Model TI-59 Programmable Calculator manufactured by Tesax Instruments. Most of the programmable calculators have the same logic systems, thus, these programs developed for this study can be easily adapted to other calculators …

        Programs for Estimating Industrial Wastewater Treatment Costs Two programmable calculator programs were completed by this study for estimating industrial wastewater treatment costs. The first program is for estimating the capital cost and a list of this program is included in Appendix A. The other program is for estimating O&M costs and a listing of this program is included in Appendix B …

        Capital Cost Model: All of the above unit cost models for electroplating waste treatment were compiled on TI-59 programmable calculator and program list is included in Appendix C …

        O&M Cost Model: … were compiled on TI-59 programmable calculator to generate O&M cost data. The program list is included in Appendix D…

… All of the unit process cost models and process design models were compiled on the programmable calculator … "

Appendix A, page 143; Appendix B, page 157; Appendix C, page 171; Appendix D, page 175;


yes, the original includes a TYPO (on a doctoral dissertation): it happens!
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