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"Wait..." on WP 34S
09-01-2020, 06:30 PM
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RE: "Wait..." on WP 34S
(09-01-2020 04:12 PM)brettpim Wrote:  I have a WP 34S made from a HP 30b with an IR/USB board. When I use it, most of the time I am getting the "Wait..." message for a non-trivial amount of time for simple operations: putting number on stack, +, - , x, / RCL, swap, etc. My battery voltage was 2.8 which is a bit low so I thought that might be the issue so I connected it to my computer with a USB cable which keeps voltage steady at 3, but I still have the issue. Could I have the calculator in some obscure mode that is causing this?


Maybe it's in a trace printing mode? Try: CF T ( [g] [▾] [×] ).

— Ian Abbott
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