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HP 150 A/B Touchscreen Disks?
09-27-2020, 10:42 AM
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RE: HP 150 A/B Touchscreen Disks?
... still setting up my system ...

The has a copy of Graphics-Gallery (Drawing/Charting) but two of the disk images seem to be broken. I recreated the disks and these to cannot be read in several HP 91xx disk drives. All other disks work, so I assume that the images or the original disks are damaged.
I was able to install a working copy of Drawing Gallery but I cannot copy the driver for the NPLPS graphics Video-Show device and some other additional files.

Maybe someone has a copy of the original disks of LIBRARY-MASTER and UTILITY-MASTER and could create an image file, e.g. with Teledisk 2.16?

Thanks for looking,
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