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Cantilever Deflection (I need help) - HP50
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Cantilever Deflection (I need help) - HP50

(text reading time 2 min)

I can solve this problem, but result seems to be a little large.
Please help me check it.

Set Mode RPN , flag 117, Checked for SOFT MENU.

Acess Equation Library
[Image: gk.jpg]

[Image: eql1.jpg]

So access
[EQLIB], in the softmenu
[EQNLI], in the softmenu

So will appear a Equation Library menu, so go to:

and press ENTER
now choose

Problem 01
Calculate the cantilever deflection
at the edge of a beam of steel, of square section,
as shown in the picture, with lenght of 20m.

L =20m (length)
E = 200 000 000 kPa
(Elasticity Module or Young's Module, for steel E = 200GPa)

I = b.h3/12 = 200 x 300³ /12 = 450 000 000 mm4 (moment of inertia)

a = 10m (distance from wall to the point of load)
P = 20kN (load point)
c = 12m (distance to app. moment
M = 5kN.m (app moment)
w = 8kN/m (distributed load)
x = 20m (at the edge, x=lenght)

y =? (variable to calculate)

To me t is y = -195 cm.

Is it right?

[Image: cb0.jpg]

[Image: cb1.jpg]

[Image: cb5.jpg]

[Image: cb4.jpg]

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