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New Fix For Classic Silver Bar?
01-05-2021, 02:30 PM
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RE: New Fix For Classic Silver Bar?
Thanks to all for your interest and comments.

The method used was to cut thin strips of the foil tape one can buy at Home Depot or similar stores that is primarily used to seal metal heating and cooling duct-work (as opposed to the plastic stuff called "duct tape" that should never be used on such ducts because it eventually rots and fall off). I cut a few strips of various widths and practiced on a carcass or two, then did the 55. I guess this would be a poor man's version of the "Bare Metal Foil Co." product mentioned above. Had I known that product existed, I likely would have ordered some. One sheet of that looks like a lifetime supply. A roll of the tape is 10 lifetimes, but at least has other uses. Knowing me, I will probably order the Bare Metal Foil stuff, just in case it looks better.

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