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I like programming so much which is better dm42/dm41cx
08-04-2021, 10:01 AM (This post was last modified: 08-04-2021 11:04 AM by Vincent Weber.)
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RE: I like programming so much which is better dm42/dm41cx
(01-06-2021 05:16 AM)Valentin Albillo Wrote:  
(01-05-2021 10:28 PM)tom234 Wrote:  I like RPN so much that I wonder which is better DM42 or DM41x?

The title of your thread begins with "I like programming so much", not "I like using other people's programs so much".

With that proviso, the DM42 is far better for writing programs as it is much faster, computes with 34-digit precision and +-6,144 exponents, includes handling of real/complex matrices and full complex numbers support, has named variables besides numbered storage registers, menus, a solver, integration, a much larger alpha register, local variables which permits recursion to 1024 levels deep, plus pixel-addressable graphics, etc., etc., etc.

In short: for programming purposes there's no comparison, it's not like comparing apples to oranges but apples to the orange's seeds.

Hi Valentin,

This makes me think of something. I read (with great interest as usual) the feature request document you wrote to enhance Free42 (or rather Plus42 as it will be).

One of your suggestions has already been
taken into account (the X?NN 41cx feature). Another big one is on the way (equations a la 35S, with stack manipulation inside them and the possibility of using them in RPN programs).
Most of the other suggestions are math features that Thomas may consider at some point.

But there is one suggestion that I don't understand: you request the ability to use the top 2 rows as shortcuts for registers 01...10, as in the 41. But this is impossible in the 42S context, because the top row is already used to recall existing named variables (which are first-class citizens in the 42S context, more than numbered registers which are the only variables available on the 41). There is no way to change that unless you break Thomas's golden rule: when you add a feature, never disrupt the letter or spirit of the original 42S behaviour.

What do you think ?


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