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WP 34S - best cable layout ?
01-28-2021, 09:46 PM (This post was last modified: 01-28-2021 10:28 PM by burkhard.)
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RE: WP 34S - best cable layout ?
(01-28-2021 04:26 AM)dmh Wrote:  Someone in a fb group recently said they successfully used the following:

I originally did it numerous times the "Theremin guy Newegg cable way", but someone has since given (!) me the "official" cable. The homebrew Theremin guy way with the Newegg cable worked fine, but is a little fiddly holding the probes by hand to the pads. So it might take a few tries to get it to flash. But it gets the job done and the price is right!

The good news is that at this point, the WP34s firmware level is VERY stable, so it's not likely you will need to reflash soon or often. They are only doing the very rare bug correction now.

So, while the official cable is a little easier, the end result is exactly the same. Unless you are making a ton of these, I wouldn't spend large $ on an official cable (if you can even find one).
You don't need either erase or reset buttons!
With the Newegg cable,
RESET is achieved by poking the reset switch on the calculator (via a little hole on the back with a paper clip).
ERASE is one of the pins (bottom left) of the 6 on the calc's flashing pad. Jumpering 3V (from either top right pad which is 3V or one of the coin cell's +terminals) to this pad executes erase.
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