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HPCC Mini-Conference (Virtual) on this Saturday, 9 January
01-15-2021, 12:52 PM
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RE: HPCC Mini-Conference (Virtual) on this Saturday, 9 January
i just would like to thank for the organisation of this confernece and having it available both in direct and as video on youtube.

i really appreciated Cyrille for his speach. it has been something very special for me after one full year of speculation about why there were no releases of new firmware for the Prime.
I am not thinking that the Prime had so many severe bugs to fix, however in the last years i measured HP heartbeat with the pace of new releases and new calculators.

just to better explain, Cyrille didn't promise to release soon a new update; at least we understood why there were no updates in the last year.

It is not clear to me and i think to nobody, when Cyrille and Tim will fully dedicate to calculators again.

that said i am happy for having these virtual conferences; i know that a lot of people will shout because the real conference is something else but for europeans during the pandemic, i think this is the best thing we can ask.

sorry for this comments; i was just trying to let you know that comunication for HP would be necessary to show that the calculator division is still alive.

I really apreciated,

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