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HP-71B MultiMod ROM Emulator User Manual
01-18-2021, 04:55 PM
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RE: HP-71B MultiMod ROM Emulator User Manual
One of the documentation "errors" that bit me was the timing information in the H/W IDS. It states that Tacc, "*STR low to data-out valid" (p. 9-4), is a maximum of 200 ns. Not so with the earliest Saturn chip, as confirmed by J-F with an oscilloscope. Seems the chips that are in early Titans were a bit slow to serve up data on the bus. The timing specs in the IDS were probably written with newer Saturns in mind.

At one point I tried sampling the bus early in the strobe cycle rather than at midpoint. My code worked fine with a newer 71B (2724A). On an older model (2406A) the data was not yet valid so the code usually, not always, saw a NOP. On the occasions when it saw something random: Bang. Crash. Battery pull.

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