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FRAM71 and RS-232
02-07-2021, 09:01 AM
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RE: FRAM71 and RS-232
moons ago, I "upgraded" a 82164A internally with an USB232R serial-to-USB module. they seem to be obsolete now.
connections between the FTDI and 82164A's UART (Rockwell R6551AP) are just 4 wires: TX, RX, VDD, GND. supply from USB is sufficient, so no more need for the wall adapter.

leaving 82164A's configuration unchanged after power-up, the PC-side USB COM-port is configured as 9600 N8 1 XON/XOFF.
a PRINTER IS 1 and then printing "1234567890ABCDEF" in a loop yields about 410 Bytes / sec.

iirc, setting the HP82164A and the PC to 19200 baud also works, but i don't remember the transfer speeds.
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