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Most advantageous program written for 41/42?
03-11-2021, 01:47 AM
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RE: Most advantageous program written for 41/42?
(03-10-2021 11:44 PM)DM48 Wrote:  
(03-10-2021 10:57 PM)Allen Wrote:  I would tend to agree regarding the primality testing.

Many primality testing algorithms are quite fast if you have a modular exponentation function available on the calculator.

The Rabin-miller test for example can guarantee primailty for n < 1,122,004,669,633, by only testing 4 situations where a = 2, 13, 23, and 1662803. ( other bounds in the wikipedia article)

I heavily use a pollard-rho factorization algorithm on my 42s (excellent free42 emulator) which can factor any number my emulated 42s can handle in less than a second.

Do you have a link to the program or can you paste the code here? I had no idea we would have such agreement so early in the beginning!

Here's a Miller-Rabin prime tester that I occasionally use on my 42S and/or DM42:
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