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Sharp PC-1211/TRS-80 PC-1 Software
03-16-2021, 02:51 PM
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RE: Sharp PC-1211/TRS-80 PC-1 Software
(03-16-2021 01:33 PM)Hollerith Wrote:  Although they are small, I have not included the decoded programs in this post as all progams and manuals are copyright Tandy Corporation. Do Tandy enforce their copyright or are they happy for vintage stuff to be published?

Tandy is defunct since 2000 and became part of RadioShack. We know what happened to them, which is a big loss here in the US for many Sad

The TRS-80 PC-2 software (not PC-1) is posted publicly here by, including Tandy applications:

Although I do not own a PC-1, it would be really nice to have access to vintage PC-1 materials too. I am surprised that there isn't already a list of programs posted online somewhere.

- Rob

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