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Sharp PC-1211/TRS-80 PC-1 Software
03-16-2021, 11:39 PM
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RE: Sharp PC-1211/TRS-80 PC-1 Software
(03-16-2021 01:33 PM)Hollerith Wrote:  Is there any interest? It would be a lot of effort to transfer all the programs and scan the manuals, but I am willing to do a few of the interesting ones such as the Complex Calculator in RPN from Electrical Engineering I.
I would be interested in any of them you would be willing to provide. I can't imagine anyone cares about copyrights on 40 year old basic programs that only run on obsolete hardware from companies that went out of business many years ago. Truthfully, the programs are more a curiosity than anything else at this point, my main interest is to see how people managed to solve problems within the performance/memory/display constraints. I can only imagine that back then I wasn't in as much of a hurry and didn't demand instant performance.

(03-16-2021 01:33 PM)Hollerith Wrote:  Sadly my PC-1 has bad LCD leakage and is barely readable.
I got lucky and the PC-1 I got off eBay has no leakage at all, but I suspect it is just a matter of time. I plan on ordering a replacement LCD from to keep just in case it fails in the future.
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