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Sharp PC-1211/TRS-80 PC-1 Software
03-20-2021, 11:57 PM
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RE: Sharp PC-1211/TRS-80 PC-1 Software
(03-19-2021 04:51 PM)Hollerith Wrote:  As a newcomer to the forum, I am a little wary that it might not be acceptable to "pollute" the forum with non-HP stuff.
I too am a newcomer so I can't say, but it is the "Not remotely HP calculator" section, and this topic has come up a few times here over the years.

As far as I can find (my Google skills are not great) you seem to be the only person with the PC-1 cassettes. I myself am mostly interested in these from a historical interest plus the fact that I bought a PC-1 to re-experience the one I had 40 years ago. I can't honestly claim there is a real use for the PC-1 in this day and age except for a hobbyist's curiosity and enjoyment. But then, people spend a lot of time and effort on things that don't necessarily make sense on a practical basis.

Anyway, I think it would be a shame for these programs to disappear, and based on the number of replacement PC-1/PC-1211 and PC-3/PC-1251 LCDs being sold there seem to be more of them still kicking than I would have thought.

All that said, it would be a significant amount of work to get the cassettes in a state where the programs can be archived on the internet. I'd be happy to help, but I'm not sure what would make things easier for you. If you were to record the cassettes to a wav file I'd be happy to try cutting the file up into programs and trying to extract them with the pocket computer tools and test them on my PC-1. I'd also be willing to try typing up some of the instructions if you wanted to take photos. I can't promise I'd be successful, but I'd be happy to try.

I'm a bit sad that while we have a list of the Games II cassette we don't appear to actually have the cassette or the programs (as far as I can find anyway).

Anyway, thanks for your efforts and everything you have provided so far!
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