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Sharp PC-1211/TRS-80 PC-1 Software
08-14-2021, 09:30 PM
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RE: Sharp PC-1211/TRS-80 PC-1 Software

The magic of google brought me here. Hoping you guys can help. I recently found my old PC-3 and put some fresh batteries in it and it is working! I'm interested in trying to load some of these programs into the PC-3. I downloaded the wav files and audacity. I have the printer/cassette interface and plugged in the ear on the interface to the ear on my computer and the mic to the mic, I tried cloading one of the wavs and the screen shows 'busy' , I hear a 'tone' but it sits there and does nothing until I hit 'break' and nothing loaded. Interestingy I can csave a test program i hand typed and it saves it ok but I can't cload it either (same results).

appreciate any thoughts or ideas Smile

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