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Problem with BankSwitching on V41 R9E
03-22-2021, 05:23 PM
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RE: Problem with BankSwitching on V41 R9E
(03-18-2021 03:25 PM)Ángel Martin Wrote:  I guess nobody else has noticed it but I've seen a change in behavior on V41 R9E related to bank-switching.

It appears that the fail-safe return to bank-1 upon light sleep has been disabled. Yes I understand this is like the "real" machine works (so not strictly a problem on V41), but it really was a godsend to have it implemented all along previous revisions (we're talking about decades now ;-), so I'd like to request a reinstatement of that fail-safe feature if at all possible.

Looking forward to Christoph's comments here...


V41 R9E among other changes newly supports the W&W RAMBOX (with updated .MOD files, read section RAMBOX in Help.txt file please), so the bank switching unit has been expanded to the 64K W&W RAMBOX II bank switching scheme.

Therefore the bankswiching fallback to page 1 executing the POWOFF opcode changed. To prevent a bank switching of the RAMBOX module, only the HEPAX module pages are set to page 1 at the POWOFF opcode (this was marked in the source code as bugfix for the HEPAX module). So the "fail-safe return" to bank 1 for other modules is not implemented in R9E.

But it's only a minor change to restore the old behavior "fail-safe return" to bank 1 for all modules with the exception for the RAMBOX module in R9F. R9F with an XLarge background image will be published very soon. So the "fail-safe return" fix is a so called "last minute" change.

BTW, it's not decades, but <one decade> <ENTER> <some month> <+> ;-)

RELEASE 8C (5/27/2010)
- Fixed a problem with POWOFF reseting banks - caused problems with HEPAX
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