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Problem with BankSwitching on V41 R9E
03-23-2021, 08:33 PM
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RE: Problem with BankSwitching on V41 R9E
(03-23-2021 08:42 AM)Ángel Martin Wrote:  BTW there is another case similar to the RAMBOX that perhaps should also be on the same "exclusion" list: the ZEPROMS do allow running of user code (FOCAL) in secondary banks. I think this is the same condition on PWOFF but you will know better. However it's perhaps not possible to tell the presence of ZEPROMS (how are they different on V41 from "regular" QRAM?


There's no chance to detect ZEPROMS because there's no hardware code for a ZEPROM.

The QRAM for the RAMBOX is integrated inside the RAMBOX MOD files which have the hardware identifier HARDWARE_WWRAMBOX.

Same with the HEPAX module. The combination of ROM and 8K QRAM is also classified with the hardware identifier HARDWARE_HEPAX, also the optional HEPAX memory modules Hep-mem.mod and Hep-2mem.mod. Of course there's no special need for bank switch of the HEPAX RAM, because HEPAX RAM using only one bank per page.

The QRAM memory modules for MLDL Ram4k.mod, Ram8k.mod, Ram16k.mod and Ram32k.mod have no hardware identifier and are always located in bank 1. HEPROOM of the HEPAX module also find this QRAM memory.
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