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(PC-1211) Multiple Dice Throw
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(PC-1211) Multiple Dice Throw
An excerpt from Science and Engineering Sourcebook, page 87:

Many games, e.g. the popular YAH-T-ZEE, and even computer modeling simulations, are based on the outcome of the multiple dice throw. This program permits a throw of 1 to 9 dice and displays the results of each multiple throw. The pseudo random generator shown in line 70, which does the "throwing," works well in the applications to which I submitted it; however, if you have your own favorite feel free to replace that line.
Program Listing
  40: IF (A>0)*(A<10)*(A=INT A)THEN 60
  60: FOR I=1TO A
  70: B=997B+π :B=B-INT B:C=INT 6B+1
  80: D=C*10^(I-1)+D:NEXT I
  90: PRINT A;" DICE=";D
100: D=0:GOTO 30

Shift Z initializes the program and displays a prompt for a seed to start the pseudo random sequence. For best results, enter a number between 0 and 1. Next comes the prompt HOW MANY DICE for this throw. After a number n between 1 and 9 is entered, the program displays a n-digit number where each digit is between 1 and 6 and corresponds to a die. Pressing ENTER starts the sequence for another dice throw.


correction made
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