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TI’s answer to the HP-41C
03-22-2021, 11:45 PM
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RE: TI’s answer to the HP-41C
(03-22-2021 11:11 AM)dhe Wrote:  There was a guy, named CB Wilson, who was in charge at TI's consumer electronics division. I believe because of age, he recently had someone auction off most of his TI day stuff. Lots more of his stuff available at on the ti99 forum, but this might be of interest:

" Here, we have a nice bit of history. Two memos (slightly different) from Herb Shanzer, manager of the Calculator and Portable Computer Division of TI. September 20, 1982. The formal memo is to Bill Turner, the executive President in charge of the TI Consumer Group (remember, he was fired in 1983 for the Consumer group's poor performance.)

In the memo, Herb announces why the TI-88 is being discontinued. TI lost $3M ($8.2M today) by cancelling the program. They are concerned that the TI-88 would interfere with their long range strategic product, the Advanced Language Calculator. The ALC, which I have plenty of stuff to scan on (including consumer studies of three models which were under consideration) had three tiers - all of which are described in this memo. Ultimately, we wound up with an ALC known as the CC-40, which was one of the three choices.

Anyway, now we're into CC-40 territory with this documentation. I do have a whole binder of something called "TI-88 ALEX" which appears to be unit test/test cases done with the TI-88 calculator. That will be one of the later things I scan since it's so large.

Up next - Some TI Professional peripheral manuals and a document called "SR-70" - a TMS9900 based system - from 1978. "The SR-70 is a small business oriented machine..."

Enjoy today's scans. "

And with this memo, we finally have the real reason the TI-88 project was canceled. In a nutshell they believed that keystroke programmable calculators were a declining market and would largely be replaced by handheld computers programmable in BASIC, FORTRAN and especially Pascal. While they did produce the Compact Computer 40 or CC-40 hand held computer in 1983, they did not release any mass storage for it and it was discontinued after 1 year when TI abandoned the home computer market entirely. TI later released the TI-74 BASICALC in 1986.
Fascinating history!

1982 TI-88 Program Discontinuation Memo

This history is also summarized nicely on Joerg Woerner's Project X page.

P.S. While TI never really had a true competitive model for the HP-41C series, they did have some follow-up models that competed with other HP models.

The TI-66 Programmable released in 1983 was often considered the successor of the legendary TI-58 and TI-59 calculators. It had a landscape format and with its function set competed with the HP-11C. It had over twice the memory of the HP-11C and had an option to connect to a printer.

The TI-95 Procalc introduced in 1986 was probably the closest in features to the HP-41C series, although that is a stretch. It was a powerful keystroke programmable model that was expandable via cartridges. For peripherals it had an optional thermal printer and a cassette interface for mass storage.
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