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Public Beta Availiable - Win/Firmware
04-14-2021, 06:32 AM
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Public Beta Availiable - Win/Firmware

While you can post in forums such as this at your discretion, we ask that the primary way of reporting be to send reports to Basically, the goal is avoid disruption or annoyance to other forum participants. You can pop up a pre-populated email template by clicking the "Report Issue" menu item in the programs themselves.

Currently there are some issues around the Mac build being resolved and also android/ios.

This beta is different then others done in the past. There has been a disruption for many reasons in our prior development, and there is a slew of many changes and features that had been worked on and are in various stages of completeness. Some might be 100% done and good, but lacking some documentation. Some might be functional ans mostly done, just needing debugging. Some were experimental. Some might be utterly not yet done.

We ask you to play around with it and really help find out what you like, dislike, is good, is broken, etc so we can try to get things stabilized and ready for release as soon as possible. This is in essence a much earlier snapshot then things that have been released publicly in the past. Maybe if things go well we can continue doing things like this.

Special thank you to Eric Rechlin at for hosting the files for us.

More complete release notes and some documentation can be found at:

Cyrille's first thread:

Have fun!

**Note that the revisions and dates may not be 100% correct. Some information in the notes may not be correct and changed later as we tweaked stuff. There were lots of changes made, but many a long time back and may be not fully baked yet... just go with it Smile

Lots of changes in program editor (apps or programs). (open MORE menu in program editor, UI not great, but functional)
  • Line numbers in program editor
  • Bookmarks in program editor
  • Multiple files in program editor
  • No need for pre-declaration of functions
  • Able to have multiple functions of same name with different number of arguments (no default arguments though)
  • Embed resource files (binary, jpg/png, python source, cas source)
  • Go to line number
  • Mark a program as read only source (Avoid accidental editing)
  • Encrypted program source (hide source, still be usable on systems)

Quote:HP Prime Public Beta – Release Notes

Beta Use

Please note that this is a beta version which is still undergoing development and testing before official release. The software and all content found within are provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis. HP Inc. does not give any warranties, whether express or implied, as to the suitability or usability of the software or any of its content.

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT HP SUPPORT FOR ASSISTANCE. You will simply be asked to install the supported public release, or communicate with

HP Prime – Release Notes

Date Released: 2021/04/13

Internal Versions
Firmware Version: 2.1.14542 (2021 04 13) BETA
Virtual Calculator Version: 2.1.14542 (2021 04 13) BETA
Connectivity Kit: 2.1.14542 (2021 04 13) BETA

This BETA release of the Prime Calculator firmware and associated PC and Mobile software delivers fixes to outstanding issues. This document is not a complete list of all changes but highlights specific items. Only users willing to experiment with pre-release software and report issues to are invited to experiment with this release.

Please back up your calculator before the update. Any existing data on the device may be wiped during the update process. This beta is much less polished then any you had before.... you have been warned. "Here be dragons"

New Functionality and Changes (Calculator Software)

Probability wizard
NEW FEATURE: Add Torque units
NEW FEATURE: Make inteligent math AND a+b/c Cas test mode dependent to avoid sin(60) returning sqrt(3)/2
NEW FEATURE: in solve app, you can now enter equations that use undefined variables. It will ask you if and where you want to create them...
FIXED BUG: (2_s)^-1 gave a wrong result!
FIXED BUG: could not integrate between F1 and F2=dF1(X)/X=X
FIXED BUG: editmat, in readonly mode, did not display correctly the user selected title.
CAS: fix embedded assumptions bug
CAS: fix in normal
normal(c) and normal(d) were identical
CAS: patch for limit(((sin(x))^(2))+((cos(x))^(2)),x=inf)
CAS: improve factor(x^5-1) if sqrt is checked
CAS; avoid infinite loop for desolve(y'=((-((y)^(3)))+((51)*((y)^(2))))-(((5/100))*(y)))
CAS: fix potential overflow in ichinrem
CAS: fix for derivative evaluation and for solve
CAS: fix for solve(22044=6000+264*((x+1)^(60)-1)/(x)*(1)/((x+1)^(60))+7000*(1)/((x+1)^(60)))
CAS: some list processing for polar/rectangular_coordinates
CAS: fix for solve([x*y^3=10^11,x^2/y=10^8],[x,y])
CAS: fix bisection solver
CAS: revert change for bisection_solver if the equation does not contain TAN
texpand improvement for texpand(tan(pi/2-x))
CAS: increase default number of steps for bisection solver
CAS: add a warning for some simplifications like f:=sqrt(x^2-6*x*sqrt(x-2)+9*x-18); simplify(f)
CAS: improved precision for normald_cdf with negative arguments
optionnal arguments left, right, center, tail for normald_icdf (also for Student, Fisher and Chi Square), not much tested...
CAS: gbasis memory alloc fixes
CAS: implicit declaration as global variables of variable names in optional assignation of arguments
CAS: fix for solve(exp(x)=x+1)
CAS: improvement for integration of normald(x)*normald_cdf(x)
CAS: fix for usimplify, e.g. usimplify(1_W*1_s)
NEW FEATURE: add a lot pf Python documentation
NEW FEATURE: add full modules listing and help structure in the PYTHON app..
NEW FEATURE: add GUI for flicker change (G2)
FIXED BUG: a b/c key was not working with inteligent math. Also changed the form of the ->qpi to be a/b*sqrt(c) and not a*sqrt(b/c)
FIXED BUG: Windows font not loading in connkit
FIXED BUG: Crash in microPython when printing a multi line string as done in help()
FIXED BUG: entering a bad RPN command (like 1+2) in 2 var stat column caused a crash...
CAS: complex fraction addition: make denominator real
CAS: fix matrix reduction/inverse for approx matrices with mixed real/complex entries
CAS: fix parsing of %%
CHANGE FEATURE: rename POlarConvert into CoordinateConvert
NEW FEATURE: allow shift enter to work in home when exact math is turned on...
NEW FEATURE: Exact math in home
FIXED BUG: crash if trying to user assign ON+ combination
FIXED BUG: couple of geometry regressions
FIXED BUG: unused forwarded functions did not generate a correct error...
FIXED BUG: programming editor goto dialog now has the current line number in it when starting..
FIXED BUG: errros in CoordinateConvert if input is spherical and only 2 numbers are provided
FIXED BUG: programming CONST template was messed up...
CAS: fix for desolve((y''+y=sin(x)) and (y(0)=1) and (y'(0)=2),y)
CAS: univariate modular gcd fix a:=2*(-104706154936168832*s^7+2147347792946582592*s^6-15748668985606843648*s^5+52524777586977226272*s^4-88551736860922410656*s^3+76065467612342166944*s^2-30401338674452654144*s+4281815801826585216)/4189;
CAS: fix for int(k*abs(cos(x)),x,-pi/2,3*pi/2)
CAS: fix for desolve(cos(t)*(y'-exp(t))-sin(t)*y=0);
CAS: fix for rref on approx symbolic matrices
CAS: fix normal for expressions with mixed rootof and i
CAS: fix for irem(12345,0)
CAS: fix resize() for modgcd((x+1)^4-y^4,(x+1-y)^2)
CAS: remove size() diagnostics
NEW FEATURE: variable number of parameters on function calls..
NEW FEATURE: ROUND and TRUNC now works on units
NEW FEATURE: Terminal function
NEW FEATURE: python hpprime module with lots of functions!
NEW FEATURE: ability to control python stack size form PPL
NEW FEATURE: lots of new python modules (see help('modules')Wink
FIXED BUG: "<var>" being put into some help examples unintentionally.
FIXED BUG: some crashes in EQW
FIXED BUG: program encryption should now work.
FIXED BUG: a^(b/c) (b and c being integers) was only handled for some b/c variations... Now, it should detect them all
FIXED BUG: speed up terminal out of large lists in Python
FIXED BUG: graphing of int(2*X,X,0,X) did not work...
FIXED BUG: Doing something like ∫(2*X,X,0,X) in the plotter will now work properly.
NEW FEATURE: Units are accepted in TRUNC/ROUND.
NEW FEATURE: Handling fractional powers in plotting. This is to stop the "MY PLOT IS WRONG!!!!" type issues. This currently is bound to the "complex output" flag on page 1 of settings. Fractional powers can be of the size [1-9]/[1-9] and if matches the NTHROOT will be used internally.
Connkit program editor has similar options for adding files, different types, etc.
TEXTSIZE function, PRINT2D function (READLINE also for terminal input). TEXTOUT can now print 2D also
Apps and DelApps function


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