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Public Beta Availiable - Win/Firmware
04-16-2021, 06:49 PM (This post was last modified: 04-16-2021 06:50 PM by parisse.)
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RE: Public Beta Availiable - Win/Firmware
I really believe that the assumption that if third parties have access to native programmation, they will necessarily begin by trying to break the exam mode is simply *wrong*. Hackspire has since several years published information about the LEDs of the Nspire CX, but AFAIK KhiCAS is the first ndless program that implements it's own exam mode and it does not break the exam mode rules.
Independent developers on a calculator do obviously not want to see the target calculator banned on tests. It is their best interest not to touch to exam mode unless it's really necessary (which was the case for KhiCAS on the Nspire CX).
My personal opinion is that it would be a win, not a loss, for HP if the Prime would provide a way to run native code.
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