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Firmware 2021 - Test PRINT and PRINT2D cmds
04-28-2021, 05:54 PM (This post was last modified: 04-28-2021 06:08 PM by compsystems.)
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RE: Firmware 2021 - Test PRINT and PRINT2D cmds
eval is a supercommand, an example with to print cmd
frn info:

In the following code you can see that to clean the screen I use
PRINT(); & Print;

print cmd without parentheses in CAS mode clears the screen, while at HOME it requires (), for this reason an improvement is that print() in CAS is interpreted as a clear screen, because when a code is executed any mode (CAS or HOME) works the same

PHP Code:
PRINT(); print; // clear terminal view
purge(r); purge(p); purge(q); purge(t); // purge(r,p,q,t);
a); // 1-3*i > 1+i*r > 1+i*(p+1) > 1+i*(q+1) > 1+i*(t+1) > 1+i*(-4+1) > 1-3*i
print(eval(a,1)); // 1+i*r
print(eval(a,2)); // 1+i*(p+1) 
print(eval(a,3)); // 1+i*(q+1) 
print(eval(a,4)); // 1+i*(t+1)
print(eval(a,5)); // 1+i*(-4+1) > 1-3*i

Another very useful improvement is that when placing a variable of the name of a CAS type function from the [var] menu, it automatically places an empty parenthesis as a suffix after the name of the program.
eval_cmd_cas> eval_cmd_cas()
The reason is that without parentheses it is considered as RCL or call of the content of the function and not as its execution.
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