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Python, separate file handling
04-24-2021, 10:47 AM
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RE: Python, separate file handling
Günter and Jonmoore,

Thank you for your response!

It's about the more menu (; “This allows you to “cut” a program in various chunks”
I have tested this in the Python app, only with Python and not in combination with HPPL.

Symb (editor); I have made three “new files” with three different programs.
First “test1”, then “test2”, then “test3”
In the pop-up screen at more -> files you will see these new files in the order from top to bottom; test3, test2, test1.

Num (terminal); the program is loaded and started and running; first (chunk) test3 immediately followed by (chunk) test2 and (chunk) test1. So this is the order of the total program.

My questions remain:
1 Can I change the order?
2 How does this dividing actually work?

I thought this was made to make my program (in this case only a Python program) a bit more manageable. For instance; chunk1 initialization (declaration variables, etc), chunk2 definitions (functions, etc) and chunk3 the main program (calculations, etc).

Or is this not the intention? Then why this possibility?
Probably my thoughts are in the wrong direction.


— Dirk Hartland
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