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Python, separate file handling
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RE: Python, separate file handling
Hi Jonmoore,

Thanks for your reply!
What I have written before; I use HPPL to make (for myself) handy programs for my hobby (electronics).
I use C++ for Arduino which is also fun to learn (structures, classes, etc) and I am reasonably adept at that at my level. For now I can use the Python app to learn Python, at a leisurely pace.

BTW, I am a retired consultant (at a fairly old age) for offshore control systems; crane control and crane information systems, ballast control and ballast simulation systems, tensioners and abandonment and recovery winches (constant tension control), etc.
I have a lot of experience with programming Siemens PLC systems in SCL (like Pascal).
This info is not important (pff, why I write this)


— Dirk Hartland
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