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Python, separate file handling
04-25-2021, 05:55 AM (This post was last modified: 04-25-2021 05:55 AM by jonmoore.)
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RE: Python, separate file handling
I think this is where great clarity will be needed in the final documentation

A further complication is that Python function names can also be used in the CAS as these are built into XCAS to provide compatibility for those more fluent with Python. They're not truly Python as they're not passed to the Python interpreter.

At a fundamental level, the Python virtual machine is provided for education markets and in that scenario, it would be unacceptable for the primary workflow to be a hybrid PPL/Python workflow. In education environments, Python is considered as a first programming language.

Incidentally, the intended use case is documented on the calculator if you enter the help card with the rollover state over the Python App. Apologies for the final line of text being cut off but you should still be able to get the gist.

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