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Python, separate file handling
04-25-2021, 10:25 AM
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RE: Python, separate file handling
(04-25-2021 07:17 AM)StephenG1CMZ Wrote:  I'd just like to point out for the benefit of those new to Python that there are a plethora of of version numbers in use.

For example, the screenshot references 3.4 but the latest download listed on micropython.Org is 1.15.

Similarly, the Casio-specific version number is 3.4 but it is based on micropython 1.9.4.

As far as I know, the 3.4 relates to the version of Python that has the closest relationship to the version of MicroPython on the calculator. If somebody is learning Python for the first time using only the calculator, the Python 3.4 documentation is actually of more use than the MicroPython documentation, as this is primarily used to detail the commands that relate to programming a 'pyboard'.

If you go to the page detailed below it explains what's more than likely happening in reality when using MicroPython on a calculator. The important detail of relevance here is that MicroPython is running as an emulation layer. With a 'pyboard', you're programming the board directly with MicroPython commands.
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