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Python, separate file handling
04-26-2021, 09:25 AM
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RE: Python, separate file handling

The python app is designed for someone that is using python in a class room and needs to do a python exercise.
It is also useful if you want a python console.

Python integration with PPL is to allow you to use python in your normal programs. With all the normal program caveats:
- standalone programs should be more "library" types. Stuff that you use from the command line
- app programs are for larger/more complex programs and/or games

In this context it will be best if you use:
- CAS for symbolic math stuff...
- Python when you need speed (games, stuff like that)
- PPL for simple programs, system stuff and basically all the rest.

AVOID switches from one "domain" to the other as much as possible, at best it will be slow, at worse it will cause crashes.


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