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Python, separate file handling
04-26-2021, 11:45 AM
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RE: Python, separate file handling
(04-26-2021 10:13 AM) Wrote:  Cyrille thanks for your answer !!
I got confused about the <New Program> selection in <More>.
To me a new program is a really new program, you can select the newly created programs, indicated by a check mark. Then I thought; if I go to Num only this indicated program will be imported and run. Turns out everything is imported and run !
If I want to learn Python step by step with small programs, I will have to delete the previous one each time or copy the Python app a lot.
How are they going to do this in the classroom anytime soon (with small programs), without having to deal with HPPL?

Regards, Dirk

As I suggested in another thread, you should double click on the Python App in the Connection Kit. It isn't fully functional right now, (it doesnt' update the calculator), but the framework is visible. It provides a lot of control and basic syntax highlighting in the text editor tab. This appears to be engineered with classroom use as a primary driver. It should also provide program/script management in a more user friendly fashion than attempting the same workflow on the calculator iteself.
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