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newRPL - Ideas for "graphical" programming of math problems
04-27-2021, 02:35 PM
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newRPL - Ideas for "graphical" programming of math problems
Instead of a basic "FORMS" engine for newRPL, I'm thinking perhaps something with less programming would be more useful for the average user.
I'm welcoming ideas here on what this could look like.
The first thing that comes to mind is something like a MathCAD sheet, where a problem can be defined based on its variables and formulas in a visual way. Of course, more complex algorithms should be possible to code directly in RPL and simply use it in your formulae.

No, I do not want a spreadsheet, so that's out of the question.

Another possibility is something closer to LabView style of graphical programming, which allows for more complex algorithms to be coded in a graphical way, but it can get really tedious to code matrix indexing algorithms, so in the end it may not be that useful.

Has anyone seen of any other ways to represent math, physics or engineering problems without too much programming? I mean to draw new ideas to give form to something useful, if there's something cool out there that I've missed I want to know about it.

Originally, FORMS were simply a generic UI on top of the RPL environment. The main intent going in this different direction would be to make something more focused on solving problems (instead of just providing a UI to interface with the user).
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