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newRPL - Ideas for "graphical" programming of math problems
05-13-2021, 01:34 PM
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RE: newRPL - Ideas for "graphical" programming of math problems
(05-11-2021 05:40 PM)Columbus Wrote:  Hi, I'm Sergei, structural engineer from Russia.

I interesting in for graphing calculators. I have in my collection: TI-89T, HP Prime G2, HP 50g (ROM 2.15) and Casio Classpad 330 Plus.

To be honest, I'm novice in RPL (the most used calculator for me - TI-89T).

Now that concerns my post. As far as I understood, honoured Claudio L. set the question broader than something affecting only HP calculators on the RPL. He wrote:
Quote: Has anyone seen of any other ways to represent math, physics or engineering problems without too much programming? I mean to draw new ideas to give form to something useful, if there's something cool out there that I've missed I want to know about it.

That's why I turned his attention to a tool I know (on this subject). I think this corresponds to the subject of the discussion. I had no intention of spamming.

P.S. I didn't create a "new user ID" (by the way, what is that? login?). I just asked David Hicks to review my situation. And he made the decision to unban me (for which I thank him very much).

Sergei, welcome to the forum, your post is appreciated here (moderators do their best to stop spammers, after you use the forums for a while you'll appreciate how clean they keep this forum, they do an amazing job even if sometimes it gets in the way of some users).

Back on topic, I looked at Drakon (I had never heard of it before). Seems like a generic flowchart for programming. It's very broad and general, maybe we can draw some ideas and make it more specific to math problems and engineering problems which is what I'm looking for: a way to represent your physics/engineering/math problems in a way to code less, rather than represent the code in a different way (which means you still have to code it).

Being a fellow structural engineer you know very well what I mean: you typically need to solve some specific, isolated problems repeatedly like a foundation pad with an eccentric load. I'm looking for a way to represent the problem itself (inputs, resolution, outputs) without the user having to code too much RPL. MathCAD does this very well, spreadsheets also work if you can get your head inside a cell.
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