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newRPL - Ideas for "graphical" programming of math problems
05-14-2021, 07:25 PM
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RE: newRPL - Ideas for "graphical" programming of math problems
(05-13-2021 01:46 PM)compsystems Wrote:  The development that SmathStudio is doing is very interesting, where the mathematical expressions are encoded in 2D in a similar way to MathCad

Although for plain text we need a simple editor to code in RPL similar to HPuserEdit, since programming on the small screen of a calculator is too complicated.

Thank you, I was aware of SMathStudio as a MathCAD look-alike. I do think for problems the way MathCAD (and SMathStudio) works is one of the best as far as organizing the problem on a page.

I agree that a tiny screen is NOT a page so this style interface may not be completely applicable but perhaps a simplified/streamlined version of it. But I'm not giving up yet, there has to be a way to solve the problem without much coding.

I've also looked into children coding apps, the way they represent code with blocks so kids can easily join the blocks to make a robot move, for example. Some are simpler than others, and of course it's not really related to math but it's a fresh idea to represent blocks of either data input, calculations, actions, and even loops (blocked together). I think something like that could be doable (not for children, of course, just the blocks idea).
So you make a sequence of input blocks, calculations, and output blocks. Then you can group those in a bigger block, give it a name and you have a "function" block, that given the input as parameters, gives you the output back, and you can use those function blocks as black boxes in other more complex problems.
In the backend, the UI would of course convert blocks to RPL for execution.
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